Emotional Wellness Coach

Loraine Yoder

Reset the painful emotions connected to your past.

What burdens are you carrying? Are you ready to put some down?

Get set free from what is too much to carry!

how About you?

  • Have you been through tough times and you feel like the whole family is against you?
  • You feel left out of family activities?
  • You are being blamed for making the hard decisions? You did the best you knew how?
  • Are you living with regrets with choices you made?
  • Do you feel like you made some big mistakes, and now you can't do it over?


Annette A: Loraine was incredibly patient and a calming presence, who helped me to understand and release deep-seated emotions that were impacting me physically. Since my session, I have not experienced the pain or syncope that I had previously experienced. I am incredibly grateful.

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Are you ready to feel better about yourself?

Tired of hurting and being disappointed?

About Me

I am a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I do this because I feel called to serve emotionally wounded people (like I was).

I've studied the connection between our emotions, trauma, hurtful experiences, and physical health. I started this journey because of my own emotional wounds. I found help by releasing trapped emotions (The Emotion Code) and by dealing with the mindset around my emotional wounds (NeuroCoaching). And letting the Lord guide me in my healing.

There is help, hope, and happiness awaiting those who want to heal from past emotional pain-especially from rejection and abandonment.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I have a senior cat named Priya. She is a toothless, twelve year old shelter rescue.

I like to create journals to help people study the Bible. They are available here.

what i offer

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15 minute chat to discover if you will benefit from Emotional Wellness Coaching..

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1 Session a week for 3 months will give you a good start on resolving some of your emotional wounds.

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For lasting change in your thinking, your brain needs some time to grow the new connections.


I am NeuroCoach Certified (Dr. Shannon Irvine) and The Emotion Code Certified (Dr. Bradley Nelson).

NeuroCoaching is working with our mindset by changing our thinking-hacking our brain by understanding how it works and how we can make changes.

Emotion Code is how to release trapped emotions that can affect our health and wellbeing.

This unique blend of training, plus my own experiences and healing, give me a deeper understanding of the need for emotional healing.

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